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How to Order Online

How do I place my first order online?

Browse the site for items you are looking for and add items to your shopping cart. When you are ready, select the shopping cart icon or link and follow the instructions to complete your order. You don’t need to be registered first before you can complete an order on www.homedesign.com.au. There are four stages of the checkout process:

  1. Your details: This section will confirm your name, email address and telephone number along with your Everyday Rewards card number if you have included this.
  2. Delivery details: This section will allow you to choose the delivery address you would like your order delivered to.
  3. Payment: This section will prompt you to enter your payment method and details. Choice between Credit card, Paypal, Bank Transfer.
  4. Order confirmation: This will display your order number and order summary. A confirmation email will also be sent to the email address you supplied during checkout.

How do I track my current or previous online orders?
You can track your order history on the 'My orders' page of ‘My account’ if you are registered with us or via the URL link included in the email order confirmation.

How do I obtain a tax invoice for my online order?
A printed tax invoice with be included with your order delivery. This is your proof of purchase.

How will I know when my order is successfully completed?
You will be shown an order confirmation page which will display your order number and order summary. A confirmation email will also be sent to the email address you supplied during checkout. If you haven't received an email confirmation and are unsure as to whether your order was completed successfully, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 132 514


What do the different statuses mean in ‘My orders’ within ‘My account’?

Order being processed: Your order is being processed by our fulfillment center.
Order Partially Shipped: At least one item within your order has been dispatched however there are still remaining item(s) in your order to be dispatched
Shipped: Your entire order has been dispatched
Order Completed/Delivered: Your entire order has been delivered
Partially Delivered: At least one item has been delivered however there are still remaining item(s) to be delivered
Cancelled: Your entire order has been cancelled
Returned: An item(s) has been returned

What is Gift messaging?
Gift messaging allows you to add a gift message for the recipient of the order which will be included in the delivery. By having a gift message added to your order, a receipt will be included with the order as proof of purchase. Your gift messages can be added during checkout by ticking the box on the delivery details section.


How do I place a pre-order for an item? 
Pre-order is only offered from time to time and allows customers to order an item through our website in advance of the product's release date. Pre-orders are generally only offered on high demand products , container price and process such as cast iron bathtubs, acrylics bathtubs, vanities. If an item is available for pre-order, simply add the item to your cart, fill in your delivery details and proceed to checkout to pay for your pre-order.


More details : https://www.homedesignplus.com.au/made-to-order



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